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... >> going to get started with the award. we put out word to please recommend people for awards for graffiti fighters, whether it be volunteers programs, groups, whatever. and we got quite a few different people who recommended people. so, first i'd like to bring up
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dr. valerie spicer who will be -- [cheering and applauding] >> she recommended somebody. she's not getting the award. [laughter] >> hi. a couple months ago, about six months ago i was in brisbane, australia on a conference and that's where i met colin sa well. he's from the u.k. and has more than 20 years investigative experience in graffiti. and to be honest, some of the most complex investigations that i'm aware of. so, i did recommend him as a prime time superstar graffiti fighter and he's receiving this award today. so, colin? [cheering and applauding]
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[laughter] >> would you like to say a few words? >> thank you very much. thank you, val, thank you, drew. coming from the u.k., as i expressed to drew, this is one of the finest conferences i've had the pleasure to come and be a part of. thanks to the great team, thanks to you guys for making it a very, very memorable event to me. i wish you all the best. thank you very much. (applause) >> is rebecca delgado here? i don't believe she is. she is so posed to be showing up. the academy of arts has people who clean up around the neighborhood. the academy of arts will be receiving an award. accepting it on their behalf is me. on the next one. (applause)
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>> clearchannel outdoor, amazing, donated bill board, 30 bus shelters to advertise this conference. total views by this bill board in advertising, 5 million views. (applause) >> and only one of them got tagged. [laughter] l >> janna lord couldn't be here today to accept it. she had a family crisis. but this is for clearchannel outdoor for helping the conference. by the way, when those ads went up we were averaging 1300 hits a day on the website. (applause) >> another person who couldn't attend the award today, monica rose is our graphic artist who does a lot of work for us and she won the contest for designing the logo for the conference.
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pretty nice design, i think. so, monica rose will be receiving an award for the designing of the logo. she designed the programs and she designed the brochures to promote the conference. and she's already said that she's on board donating it for the 2013 conference in phoenix. (applause) >> >> rick stanton nominated somebody. rick? * >> if you've been working in graffiti profession for awhile, i think everybody knows randy campbell. who knows randy campbell? that's good. those of you who don't, especially if you're in law enforce. you're probably going to want to write this down.
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no randy campbell has been working in graffiti cases forever and he's a retired, i think, sheriff or highway patrolman. maybe somebody can help me out there. >> highway patrol. >> highway patrolman. what he runs it's no for law enforcement, if you're looking for a tagger you think is crossing state boundaries and you catch one and you want to put up that person's tag to other law enforcement agencies, he's got a network where you can do that. so, you send that in to him, he sends it out and it goes to hundreds of cities. if you're looking for somebody and you think that other cities might know who that is, put that out and he'll send it out to all those cities. so, e-mail him and get on his network. he's got a website. and he's a great resource for law enforcement specifically and everybody else, too, but law enforcement specifically to
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help you find graffiti vandals or to add on to cases if you do find a graffiti vandal. so, this is for randy campbell. thanks. (applause) >> good news. rebecca delgado is in the house. rebecca, would you like to come up and say a few words about your group at the academy of arts? >> hello, everybody. thank you very, very much. first of all, i would like to say my name is rebecca delgado and i'm a board member of the graffiti advisory as well as a volunteer for dpw. i've been a volunteer with dpw for about 10 years and a board member for about sick years.
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and i am actually here to nominate -- oh, before i say that, i wanted to thank all of you, by the way, for being here today for joining the conference. i'd like to thank all the people, all the organizations responsible for putting together the international conference. and thank you for visiting our city. i hope you had a great time while you're here and you will continue to explore the city this weekend. you are very lucky because we have a great, great weather. it was winter not too long ago. i think the last 24 hours, and today it's borderline between spring and summer. so, you guys lucked out on the weather. i nominated the academy university because of its commitment, long-time commitment and dedication to the beautification of san francisco. they, too, have been involved as a partner with dpw going on 10 years. they have supported the
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community clean team. the students and faculty come every month in large numbers to plant trees, pick up litter on the streets, and abate graffiti. and in addition to that, the academy adopted 16 city blocks in the city whereby our cap a sigma fraternity go out there every other weekend to abate graffiti. * and i was hoping that they were supposed to be here, but i told them to be here at 4:15 to accept their award. but they're not here yet and that's too bad because i wanted you guys to meet them because they are a bunch of great, great young men who really cares for the city. they're not doing it to get paid. they're not getting paid, by the way, they're not getting an extra grade for doing it. they do it because these are
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the new crop of young generation who cares. they love their city. they love their government. and they want to give back to our city, to give back to our country. so, hooray for them and thank you for coming. (applause) >> caitlin young. >> i didn't think i planned to talk. i'm caitlin young and i'm from omaha, nebraska. we nominated our senior painter, jeff nicole. he was with the city program 15 years ago, he basically ran it since it started.

March 16, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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